Friday, February 23, 2007

Anna Who?

The Idols (same format as American Idol, but without the "American" in the name obviously) is still a big phenomenon here in Finland. Over 920.000 people watched the semifinals last friday on the telly. That's over 20 % over the adult population, mon... Most of the finalists are heavy/hardrock singers, which kinda sucks, but hey, this is the land of Lordi and Nightwish. However I guess there is one rivaling talent who could very well be the winning horse. This view is based solely on Youtube's ability to engage masses behind this young girl.

Let's get into more detail. Since last friday her tv performance has been viewed over 140.000 times, that's like a lot of watching in 5 days. That vid is in the top-50 of the most viewed videos. Her two videos have been viewed over 300.000 times altogether. That's more than the metal competitors. Which is nice.

But the funniest thing are the comments on the video. Peeps are arguing on 2 themes

1) Is this gal better / worse than the sisters and brothers on the American Idol
2) Are all americans american idiots and war making and Bush lovin' criminals

It's pretty funny stuff.

But who is Anna?


Fiil Inc said...

Although i am big fan of the Idols show, it also gives me the friggin creeps how the media (mainly: finnish yellow press) treats the contestants. and i DO NOT mean that they seek drug crimes and porn videos from the contestants' history. that's what they do with everyone.

but why the hell do the evening papers start calling these little kids "stars" after one time they've been on telly? they literally become "stars" after maybe two minutes of air-time, on fucking Idols semi-semi-semi-finals.

in a friggin reality show. that's far from being star.

And after they fail the auditions or heck, even the finals, they become regular teenagers again. they're STILL not stars. not even ex-stars. just kids.

Fiil Inc said...

...and btw: that Anna girl is probably my 1st choice, along with the "Lil' Bruce Dickinson" dude. at least she's not a goddamn metal singer.

Jussi said...

"The Finnish Idol" got nuthin' on AMERICAN IDOL, man.