Tuesday, February 06, 2007

AdSense Goes Gay

We have been blogging about those AdSense –ads on our page before but now is maybe the time to bring this up again – even if this is strictly against the rules and nondisclosure contract of AdSense. But since AdSense earns us only about 10 U.S. cents a week, of which we still haven’t see a single penny actually, I don’t really care if they kick us out of the program.

But yeah, it seems that the gay music-themed entry from last week has been registered by AdSense as well. They are offering all of you these interesting sites:

Are People Born Gay?
Learn more with 100s of expert pros & cons in a nonpartisan format

Gay Travel in Alaska
Alaska Trips for Adventurous Gay & Lesbian Travelers. Sign Up Today!

But to balance things back a bit we also seem to have a link to a very interesting German web-store, Yo! T.H.U.G.:

Makaveli Branded Store
the one and only official clothing line of Tupac Amaru Shakur

No, but wait, wasn't Tupac on that list too?


Anonymous said...

ALERT! We are not officially the only blog in the known universe that

"recognizes gay people, reggae, metal, rap and brooklyn beer"

Anonymous said...

yessur, now let's see how gay Adsense gets after this particular post... it's all rainbows and triangles from here on, baby!


Jussi said...

so maybe a completely new template for the blog?

Anonymous said...

It was also amusing, that after my blog that had the words Lucifer and Beelzebub, there were some ads related to some church-like religious stuff saying that I should chose god instead of the devil