Friday, June 16, 2006

K-Biz officially down!

K-Biz officially down!
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That's right. Already for a couple of days, has been down, and will be until we purchase sum mo' bandwidth. Or whatever we decide to to...

For this, I blame you America, though.. The server people gave us some statistics of our recent traffic, and the results were thoroughly confusing. It shows that on june 9th and 10th, we've had over 1500 visitors mostly from the US of A who used over 2 gb of our not-so limited bandwidth. Thank you, b****s. Without you bastards we would have bee just okay for the rest of the year really. Or then again, our server company can also be screwing us. Who knows.

But, because of that, for now the official Kriton information centres remain our hot little MySpace site ( and this blog that you are reading.

At the moment Kriton Music stays active with a couple of new tracks. KHSB has a new grimy rocker called "Scared Money" all ready for mastering, and Spazz Out has been finishing their first release, the baile-tastic anthem named "Coca Cola". People have also been hearin a brand new balearic-style hiphop-rock-gospel sound around the Alppitech studio. Just Blaze meets Primal Scream? Happy Mondays goes Baltimore? You will hear from this!!

Keep on loving!
Big Alppila n da K-boys

ps. Oooooooh, Diplo & A-Trak tonight at Nosturi, Helsinki. That's where it's at kids!!


Hennyman said...


We r quite populuar then...

Kriton Music said...

And as Hennessy recently pointed out, with the number of hits (and listeners!) we have been getting on our Radio Blog, we are probably more popular on World Wide Web that some of the celebrated Finnish ‘real’ web-based radio stations. Hooray!

Kriton Music said...

yes, right on! Beware Bassoradio and all you others, were comin on strong!