Friday, August 15, 2008

Touch it baby!

This seems kinda cool: The Intua Beat Maker.

I've been waiting to see some really cool apps for the iPhone / iPod touch and this looks like a pretty flashy thingy. If someone tries it, please let me know if it's any good.

Besides this I haven't really seen any really far out apps using the touch screen in innovative ways. I guess there might be soon coming out some porn apps that could have some features of that sort..

But back to music making: I've been trying the BeatEd with my Nokia phone and it pretty much fun as well. I've made some 808 beats with it that really help you getting through long flights. I guess I've joined the mile high club of beat making? However I haven't figured out how to get the beats out of the phone as files that I could convert into mp3's or AIFF's. I guess the analogue output on the phone is kinda crappy, so I might get some white noise as bonus.

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Dallas Black said...

cool blog, just moved here from Texas and am blogging my experience here in HKI. I hope to hit some music soon