Monday, August 11, 2008

Respect To Leland "Father Time" Sklar

The post about Toto breaking up (thank god!) caused some debate concerning the Santa Claus -looking person in the line-up picture, someone going as far as even calling him a "Farao". 

Anyhow, our always very knowledgeable Fiil Inc. educated about the dude, Leland Sklar, and as I checked out his Wiki-page, I realized that not only had he played bass with almost everyone including even Laura Branigan, and besides looking like the coolest uncle you never had, hey! he actually played bass on Billy Cobham's legendary Spectrum -album, meaning that consequently he played THAT BASSLINE on the track Stratus. I was like, whoah, dude!

Yes, the breakbeat/bassline Massive Attack sampled on the Blue Lines -album track 'Safe From Harm', before everyone else did too. Probably the best bass/drum groove ever recorded. 

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Fiil Inc said...

right on Jussi!! i'll try and post that Stratus track here one of these days too.

and all y'all ignorant hipstaz who think this dude is running on some fossil fuel from the 70's: Leland also played bass on Joanna Newsom's Y's -album (2006) - EVERY indie hipster's DEFINITE favorite record that year and maybe even this decade. yours too.