Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tallinn Junkie Goes Wild! Raving w/ Ass-slapping Routine!

The capital city of our southern neighbor Estonia, Tallinn, is a very very beautiful town but it also still has some pretty rough Soviet-era pre-fabricated housing estates with some serious social problems. Lasnamäe and Mustamäe being two of these. 

Well, check out the videos above and see a Lasnamäe local getting it on. I'd say after enjoyinga pretty health dose some amphetamines. In fact it's a well known fact how back in the Soviet times many east European countries, especially Poland, produced lots of really strong amphetamines and other similar chemicals, sometimes know as 'Polish Soup'. 

And below here's the freestyle version of the same guy, this time with some music, ie. even better. The dude knows how to 'move his body'. 


Anonymous said...

This is soooo hilarious. I guess this is a friend of the guys who tried to break into our studio two nights ago (couldn't get in, suckers!) or the guys who tried to break into my cellar last nite. The guys from last nite didn't take anything, just opened the damn door, and a few toolboxes and left everything else untouched)... Must have been high as this dude...

Anonymous said...

And now I realized after seeing the whole clip, that the guy is just coming home from a VERY succesful rave event, smoking a cig before going home to his flat. He just can't stop feeling the beat?