Friday, August 22, 2008

My Love Is "Your Love"

The guys from Outfield must be happy as hell. They are a pretty unknown one hit AOR/pseudo-new-wave wonders from London, who hit gold with their second single Your Love in 1985. And then pretty much everybody forgot about them.

But come the 2000's, the song was resurrected: by GTA Vice City's soundtrack, various cover versions (the best of them being B.O.B.'s "Use Your Love" but also even Katy Perry made a version) and of course dozens of Bmore remixes. You've heard them. And the saga just continues: The Inc's secret weapon, top notch r&b crooner Lloyd (remember: Get It Shawty, You, the hella good last single Girls Around The World) interpolates "Your Love" in "Lose Your Love", a track on his new album "Lessons In Love". And that's good, even if Lloyd doesn't capture the original's infectious high school party vibe. Instead he gives the chorus a good old bedroom r&b treatment... see for yourself.

Lloyd: Lose Your Love (zshare) (mp3, 320kbs)

oh and BTW, The Outfield is still together!

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