Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Open letter to MySpace: Let me f***ng go!

I know that MySpace has lost the game to Facebook (at least if we measure daily users and user activity), but it still works prett well e.g. as a promotion channel for bands and artists.

However - I've been trying to delete my profile from MySpace for a week now, but I can't seem to manage to do that. I've clicked the proper buttons and tried to send my profile to the digital graveyard but no.

So Myspace guys: send me the f***ng confirmation mail so I can really delete my profile. It's nothing personal, it's just friggin frustrating and reeaally bad customer service.


Jan L. said...

WORD! I tried to delete my personal account a long time ago, and I had to delete it about 10 times and threaten to put a lawsuit on them to remove it. And I'm not joking. And then finally after about 1 month they deleted it. Ridiculous.

Fiil Inc said...

LOL! seriously dude this is pretty weird customer service.

Like R Kelly would say: you are trapped in the myspace closet!

Anonymous said...


After two weeks, several requests & e-mails I no longer possess a personal profile / account on myspace.

Thanks guys,