Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New Jopo 3 - beauty or beast?

Here you go, the 3rd generation of Jopo with 3 gears. I must admit that the 2nd gen version from 2000 is way much cooler looking (well I ride an army green 2006 model like this . And we all agree on the fact the the og Jopo is the classic.

This time the designers have managed to come up with something that lacks the original feel and looks like a cheap copy. I don't mind the gears, they had version with 2 gears way back, but this just looks cheap. Like those foldable bikes for mariners...

And I also found out that all Jopos are made in Taiwan nowadays. Shiiiiet, at least mine was still manufactured in Hanko.


Jussi said...

That thing is hideous, no it's fucking FUGLY, sorry.

I'm going to sell my vintage OG Jopo just because they finally sold out like that.

Biggest let down of the year so far.

Hennyman said...

Yeah. I mean what the heck . if the classic Jopo is a well known praised design product, why don't they use talented designers to continue that tradition? What's wrong with those guys? What IS WRONG with those guys?????

Fiil Inc said...

bloody hell, what have they done... finland is supposed to be, like, some sort of a "design country", innit?