Friday, April 10, 2009

50 Best High School Movies

We changed our name from Kriton High School Bangers to plain Kriton Bangers, but we still love 'em high school flicks. Here's a list of best high school movies made by Entertainment Weekly. I've seen 31/50, how about you?

p.s. one thing, what the heck is Harry Potter doing on the list? I mean seriously? Hairy Potter I could understand but this....


Hennyman said...

btw, I found out today that there is a John Hughes box for 9.99 at Anttila. 16 candles, Weird Science & Breakfast Club. Nice.

Anonymous said...

yeeeeeeep, if you aint got that dvd box, go cop it right now! nothin but full-on classics homie! i've got the same films on box set called "High School Reunion Box"... pretty much a perfect Kriton concept, innit?


Anonymous said...

Yepp, I got it and it's a must.

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