Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fashion bloggin'

Fashion blogs are getting more 'n more popular every day, there must be hundreds of kids making them now. The swedes are obviously years ahead of us with Blondin Bella and others but we're getting there.

Just too bad they're mostly made by gurrls, so they concentrate more on the feminine side of life. If you're a chica in your twenties you could go fo' stuff like Fashion Overdose. That one is actually kinda cool, she's interviewing Annie and what kind of clothes Annie likes to wear - something you would expect from Anna Abreau perhaps, not Annie.

So if you know of any male oriented fashion blogs, plz let us know. Or better yet, start making one of your own, dude!


getpalmd said... and are the best male fashion blogs I've found so far.

Anonymous said...

That first one is quite spanish...

marc lago said...

Thank you very much to name mine!!!