Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coolest mobile software ever - Joiku Spotlight

Have you ever been out of your wi-fi reach when you really need it? Well if you have invested in a good Nokia phone (S60 3rd Ed phones) your problems are solved. Joiku Spotlight (nothing to do with the finnish Jaiku, that's a mobile microblogging thang) is a free software that'll turn your mobile into a wi-fi hotspot. Just download the program and turn it on and it shows as a new wi-fi connection on your computer near by. How geek is that? How cool is that?

The best thing is that you can use more than one computer to share that hotspot - no more fuss trying to make your computer and phone work together. Of course this hotspot is open to everyone, but it-s a freeconomy world, ain't it?

Check it out at Joiku's Place

***EDIT 100211***
Yeah this is still alive and more popular than ever. Now it's called Joikuspot

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Anonymous said...

Cool. It took two years, and now this one is really taking wind. Although it's nowadays called Joikuspot