Saturday, October 25, 2008

The best Dancehall riddim for 2008

Is here. It hasn't been particularly awesome year for jamaican music this year IMHO. I have really liked the more rootsy stuff for a few years and this year has brought us some great tunes from Perfect, Etana, Alaine, Demarco, Chezidek, Pressure, Munga and such pretty new timers plus loads of cool stuff from the older players. But nonetheless the riddims have not been that great, at least on the dancehall side.

I just heard this riddim today and this one is a true banger, as we Kritons like to say. It's called "Beauty" and it's ows a lot to the Diwali riddim from the year 2002. Ok, I the last trip I did to Jamaica was actually that same year, so I still remember how friggin huuuuuge diwali for back then, and it brings back good memories of good times, but still this rocks.

Beauty Riddim


Anonymous said...

Oh, and check out "Beast" riddim as well, which is a more militaristic version of this theme

Fiil Inc said...

man this was hot! all my favorite "lovers" singers (wayne wonder etc) had a song on this too...

gotta tell u this is good service, since im far too lazy/busy with other s**t to check out new Jamaican stuff. go Hennyman!

Anonymous said...

yeah, mih nuh dat brova! Neva enuf time fi check out di top riddim deh.