Monday, February 27, 2012

Inna Di Yard Vol 5 - 2012 Cometh

Okay, here you go, the latest Spotify Playlist by Kriton Posse and selector Hennyman. It's the fifth Inna Di Yard compilation, now focusing on biiiig chuuuunes in 2012 so far.

What we have here is a stellar selection with rising new artists like Hefla Nyah, Future Fambo, Potential Kid, Elly Ess with more established ones like Popcaan, I Octane & Chuck Fenda. And of course the playlist features big time stars like Mr Vegas, Movado, Bounty Killer, Elephant & Beenie Man.

Get the playlist from here: Inna Di Yard Vol5 - 2012 cometh

And you can also dig into the older playlists from the Inna Di Yard series:

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Now, tun it up! Louda, Louda!

p.s. this one's not yet on Spotify, so here yuh go; ONE KNOCK!, the party anthem of 2012, the Kriton Boyz say ONE KNOCK!

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