Saturday, December 10, 2011

Megaupload song

Sooooo. We love 'em file sharing sites as well, but here Kanye, Drake and Diddy and other friends sing the praise for Megaupload. I'm puzzled. Honestly. How did they get these guys to promote this?

Anyways, two things I'd like to highlight from this clip.

1) We've been wondering where the heck is Lil Jon. Well, on this video.

2) The chorus melody is soooo world music that it would make Peter Gabriel and Wyclef Jean jealous.

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Rose Ector said...

The fact that Diddy and Kanye West collaborated to make this song for MegaUpload makes this video great! The tune's very soothing and surreal. They also got Mayweather and Kardashian to do cameos. Such heavy personalities! Amidst the controversy, the company still remains respectable thru the eyes of its patrons. Such is the power of good publicity and snappy advertising!