Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vybz Kartel escape?

This is real life Prison Break, not a TV show! Apparently Vybz Kartel managed to escape with a couple of cellmates from prison in JA. Read more details here

This is the biggest prison break in Jamaica ever, let's see how the Gaza Don will continue the escape. Vybz talking the talk and walking the walk! Badman a badman!

EDIT: Latest news: this might be a hoax, a rumour, just a media stunt to keep Vybz in the headlines? So say the police dem in jamaican media Who believe di police dem?

EDIT part deux. Ok, it seems like Hype Life Magazine started this rumor. Here's a direct quote from their website:

"I could appeal to the fact that it was written for the sake of a good joke, that I was just considering a good marketing move toward my website, but not expecting anyone to be naive enough to take it serious. "

Well, we at the Kriton camp find this ish extremely funny. Makes you think about journalism and quality of information sources. And it's powerful marketing for the website, and I guess Vybz don't mind the free publicity either.

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