Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"OK, b***h, it's Weezer and it's Weezy"

Weezer and Lil Wayne, written by Jermaine Dupri... hands up, who saw this coming? Rivers Cuomo getting busy some the most generic jiggy-rap lyrics like "I gotta have Patron, I gotta have the weed..." Loads of trance-rap synths, Wayne's voice morphing into River's voice.

Sort of very ridonkulous and retarded, but still sort of amusing. On the chorus the production kinda sounds like Linkin Park, though...

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Anonymous said...

Weezer ain't singing 'bout the old sweaters no more? This is the death of emo, although Weezer never quite filled up all the standards of emo, but many of them anyway.