Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Epitome of Finnish Hipsterdom ´09

Now pardon my rather bitter words but this is the true epitome of Finnish Hipsterdom circa 2009:

Couple of probably not-very-poor parents' daughters straight out of HEL Looks making highly irritating 1980s flavoured elektro-discopop -> produced by a dude who moved to Berlin -> who also used be a Nu Breakz DJ (Hi Jonas!) -> in a video with kids riding new production Jopos (-> as product placed by Helkama) and fixie-bikes around night time Los Angeles.

But hey, it's all great anyway, except that the song is just not that good at all.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm, yeah. what jussi said.

the video looks way expensive, and the tune has an OK chorus. but otherwise it's really empty. also, she's a horrible rapper, so better stick to shouting/singing...