Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rancid ain't rancid yet

"We got it right, you got wrong,
Were still around (Last one to die)
Were going up, youre going down
Were still around (Last one to die)"

They're growing old and their gnarly tattoos are fading, but Rancid still can make a kick ass album. The new cd "Let The Dominoes Fall" comes with cool bonus material (making of -DVD, guitar picks, posters, an acoustic version cd). It may not be a classic as "Out Come The Wolves", but this is simply a nice album. The lyrics are pretty much about living in the Bay Area, which is a subject these guys seem to know a lot about. I really dig these guys, 'cos they sure ain't no CEO-punk or emo/neo type of anything, they've been pretty loyal to their game.

Just to get in mood, check out some old hits as well...

Time Bomb
Ruby Soho
Roots Radicals

This isht makes me wanna taky my bike and go coasting slooowly...

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