Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Danger Danger

I was really into some crappy hair metal bands back in the 80's when i was a school kid. Like not even just Poison, Winger, Ratt, Warrant and Dokken, but even ones that weren't as popular, but still equally crappy. Like Danger Danger from New York. They looked (and sounded) like bunch of little girls, but i didn't care. And at least their first album cover was pretty cool - in a geeky airbrush way (see above).

And all this blabbering leads me to this: last friday i met this nice dude named Jan at the Cocomotion club and he said that he has a blog called Danger Danger. And not just any old blog, but actually a really cool one. A music one. So unless you're still into crap hair metal, go check it out!

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