Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Robbing & Looting: US Military Discovers $5 Million, Heroin & Bullets In Iraq

"Dear Friend,

I am James Barry, I am an army contractor attached to the US Military for the sole purpose of reconstruction work in some parts of Iraq.

On the 27th August 2008, I and my men discovered some metal boxes (4 in number) piled on top one another, each with a sign written on them. one filled with hard drugs (heroine), two filled with bullets and the other one to my amazement contained U.S hundred dollar bills, which we counted and discovered that the money in that box total to $5 Million.

We hide the box containing the money in untraceable location, I am now in desperate need of a reliable and Trustworthy person who would receive and secure this box of money containing the US Dollars until my assignment elapses. We cannot afford to leave the box of money here in Iraq for any reason since Iraq is getting unsafe and dangerous every day.I am fully aware of what your thoughts would be next, but on receipt of your response, I will send my picture as well as my Identity, for you to know whom you are dealing with.I assure and promise to give you 15% of this fund, please assure me of your keeping this deal topmost secret. Send your reply to my private E-mailing address; jamesbarry48@live.com

My Sincere Regards,
James Barry.

So anyone interested in splitting the loot, please feel free to email:


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