Saturday, September 27, 2008

Remember King Missile? How about some MC 900 Foot Jesus?

All of us at the Kriton camp have been very much into this mix recently. We were just hangin at studio tonight (and finished a track BTW. And also started a new genre, but nuff about that) and got to talkin about how cool this 90's alt-rock mix by Catchdubs is and how we all have these records at home (yeah dude, we're old). So why not share the topic with you? After all, it is a free mix!

So get it while it's hot and before you favorite new-rave-club-bmore-blog-house-nouveau-crunk-dj's start spinning 90's alternative like they invented that shit. And BLAST THAT SUCKA SO LOUD YOUR NEIGHBORS CAN HEAR IT.

Mishka Presents Nick Catchdubs & Mr. Ducker's Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

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Anonymous said...

This thing just fokkin rawks! ... looking for my **nis...