Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kriton's "Thrashin" finally here too

Hey we're not always so quick in here. So we finished this track already like a month or two ago, but kinda forgot to post it here. Anyway, the song's been in our MySpace and also leaked in blogs ages ago. So we figured now's probably a good time to put it in here too. Since we got a new BANGA on the finishing line already....

So here it is, Thrashin' by Kriton High School Bangers. All ya'll over 30 will recognize the sample instantly. All'yall under 30, go browse your big bro's vinyl shelf already. Under the letter "M", in the "1986" section.

Kriton High School Bangers: Thrashin' (zshare) (mp3 320 kbps)


Anonymous said...

i will ruin this for everyone. its metallica.

Anonymous said...

This is quite funny: