Monday, January 14, 2008

Britney support group

It's been a while since the Kriton posse have released any new material, but that's gonna change soon. I've pretty soon finished mixing the new EP that's gonna be something different, as always. This time we've realized that 2008 is gonna be all about high BPM. I mean danceable stuff, 120-130 BPM is the new standard for now. Well at least for the 2 new songs that sample / remix both Justin T-lake and B. Spears. We do this to support Britney, who has got a lot of bad publicity lately. We think that Britney rocks and so does Justin.

We'll give you more info on the "Justin loves Britney" EP as we get it out.

In the meanwhile, hit the dancefloors!

And yeah, we know that 130 ain't that much yet, but we like speeding up things gradually.


Fiil Inc said...

yeah, it's gonna be all about the dancefloor with the Kriton from now on.

and we do have a little warning for you already: be on the lookout for a 150 BPM joint!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, at this rate we'll be expecting some gabber techno or grindcore by 2026 then, eh?

Fiil Inc said...

yessir, i'm afraid the progress that leads towards gabber techno has just begun...

wake me when it's 200 bpm.