Thursday, November 08, 2012

Zombie Love

There are a couple of TV series that keep me glued to the tv-set (or laptop) and one of them is the Walking Dead. A killer (!) first season, a semi-boring second one and now the third season really got me hooked.

But even more I was impressed by the the Walking Dead Game. This is mos def a daddy game, a one for the senior citizens, but in a good way. You don't go running around slashing zombies, it's more about living the story and making decisions that will alter the storyline.

Much more cool than the Star Wars Kinect that I bought last week. High expextations (I mean light sabers and Kinect, makings of ultimate fun) but serious fail. Disney-like storytelling and some wack gamemodes (dancing???) turned me off. Zombies rule.

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