Wednesday, November 03, 2010


This tune is the MF jam right now. I mean, easily the best vocal house, since Azari's Reckless (For Your Love). It comes from Hercules And Love Affair singer Kim Ann Foxman (and also Hercules main man Andrew Butler on production).

Creature just re-incorporates everything that's so good about late 80's - early 90's NY/Chicago house music: the big, melodic synth hooks, emotional vocals, pulsating beats. I also read a rumor that this brand new single is recorded with all 1992 gear... The video is perfectly neat and the b-side What You Need is an equally good track. Check em both out (with remixes!) on soundcloud.

(BTW: this video was uploaded to youtube something like 3 hours before this post. Damn, sometimes i can be cutting edge too!)

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