Monday, August 30, 2010

Don't f**k around with love

If the story's correct, the Blenders made a version to their "Don't play around with love" in the 50's, by changing the "play" with the "f-word". However, it was not released officially back then, which makes perfect sense, thinking of the culturally open minded good 'ol days. This version came out in 1971.

I think that the main point cuts through much better in the alt version: "Well, take a little advice from me..." This just calls for sampling, don't you think?

Just a sidenote: I wanted to name one of my punk bands as "Blender" in the early 90's. We decided not to go with Blender, because it was (and still is) just a bit too generic name. Blenders then again is pretty much like Baseballs - generic, idiotic and kinda cool in that sense.

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