Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Warrant issued for former Warrant singer

More info here
Although crimes or accidents are no fun, I couldn't help myself picturing these headlines:

"Former Poison singer sentenced to death by poison"
"White snake attacked former singer of Whitesnake"
"A giant ratt bit former singer of Ratt"
"Scorpions surrounded the former singer of Scorpions"


Fiil Inc said...

"Former singer of Bulletboys gunned down by some bullet boys."

"Hard rockers White Lion's horror safari: attacked by a white lion"

"Members of Faster Pussycat on a domestic pet pursuit: could not escape a faster pussycat"

Hennyman said...

"Animals on rampage at the Zoo: a deaf leopard chased down the former drummer of Def Leppard"

"A motley crew robbed former members of Mötley Crue and Skid Row at a skid row in NYC"

"A nightmare at the family reunion: a twisted sister attacked the former singer of Twisted Sister"