Monday, January 04, 2010

The KKK is watching me

I moved to a new office space in Sörnäinen today, not far from the famous Kurvi, that is one of the most lively places in Helsinki so to say.

So what you do on the first day? You go check out the places to eat. It wasn't too cold out, so we decided to take a little stroll and ended up in this joint on the Viides Linja -street. Let's not mention the name here, 'cos we don't wanna ruin honest peoples' business, right?

The place was a mixture of americana (western/southern-style saloon, bull skulls and motorcycles and lots signs about drinking..) and chinese food alongside cheap beer (but obviously...).

The food was ok I guess, although no one else was eating there at the time. What gave an everlasting impression was these little salt shakers. At first they appeared to be friendly ghosts, like Casper. But after further inspection I realized that they we're actually little hooded men, kinda like.... in the KKK? Nice touch.

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Anonymous said...

unnhh... pretty discomforting. da ku klux klan ain't nuttin ta f**k wit!