Saturday, December 05, 2009

Gringos were locos back in '88

Well, I was there.

I have later realized that Gringos Locos could have been a pretty good AOR band, if they didn't have so many bluesy riffs. And if they had dropped that weird cowboy-look. I mean, it never was cool to wear cowboy boots with your jeans tucked into them, and those belts with bullets - don't get me started.

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Jussi said...

Gotta love that GHS Boomers sleeveless t-shirt!

But for real, I was there too to see this gig in Kaivopuisto. Fuck Radion Ettan. I sitll remember how I never could stand the cowboy style and the singer's mullet.

Also, my guitar teacher at the time was friend of these guys, they were all from Kauniainen...